Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random Thoughts of the Long Weekend (Posted a Day Late)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend. Mine was wonderful. No major news, just got stuff done and relaxed.

Hubby and I were given tickets to Hootie and the Blowfish's concert on Friday night. Being as I was in high school and college in the 90's, I still think they are cool. It's my blog and I can think that if I want to. The tickets were at an outdoor venue and just as we were turning into the parking lot, the bottom fell out and the rain poured down. So, we went home without even parking. I hate that we missed it, but, as my mom would say, "if that's the worst thing that ever happens, I guess you'll be OK."

Saturday, I did some shopping while Hubby worked on fixing up a truck he is about to sell. I went to J0ann's, and they were having a great sale. Plus, I had two coupons - one for 40% any item and an additional coupon for 10% off my entire order. I bought quite a few things and only spent $25. I was pleased. Afterwards, I went to a huge antique mall and found a few treasures. I decided they should stay at the antique mall for now and maybe I can come back and pick them up later. THEN, Georgia Tech (my beloved Yellow Jackets) beat Notre Dame just as I hope they would. Not that I am a Notre Dame "hater," but just because I want my Jackets to have a great season and start it by beating their first opponent, ON THE ROAD, IN THEIR STADIUM, yes indeed. We had friends over to watch the game with and that was great. We had friends that actually attended the game and they said the Notre Dame fans were very nice. That is so great that home fans can be courteous. We're used to UG@ fans who are typically the most obnoxious fans I've ever been around in my life. I am a UG@ hater, not because of the bulldogs (or as they say, "bulldawgs"), but because of their fans. Sheesh.

Sunday morning, I was waking up for Sunday School and church and flipped on the tv. What to my eyes did appear? The immortal Gone With The Wind. Oh, how I love that movie! Yes, it is too long, but, those of you who are fans, what part would you suggest be cut out? I can't think of one thing that should be taken out, so I just accept it as it is. I sat on the couch, basically in a trance, as the characters danced across my screen. Sunday School starts at 10:00. I got in the shower at 9:15. Did I mention I had not ironed mine & hubby's church clothes yet? So, I set off on the whirwind of getting us ready and beating myself up for not being better organized, mismanaging my time, and sitting on the couch watching the best movie ever made. Oh well, these things happen. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

That night, after church, we had our Sunday School class over. It was BYOB.

That's code in our class for, "I'm providing the Cokes and desserts, but pick up your dinner at the drive thru of your choosing and I'll host the get together, but I'm not cooking." Hence, BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag (of food). We had ate, chatted, laughed, played the Wii and had a great time.

Since the 3 prior days were full of activities, we just chilled out Monday. He worked on cars, I organized. I love a holiday!

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