Monday, September 10, 2007

How was your weekend?

My weekend (in bullet points):

  • Went to a local craft show on Friday - even took a half day off of work. Saw some great things. If hubby and I had kids, I would have spent everything I had on great things there. However, since we have no kids and I'm learning to sew things for me, I bought nothing, but got inspired.
  • Saturday, went to the Georgia Tech game. It was awesome! I really like that our coach doesn't run up the score, even in a blowout. In the 2nd quarter, he took out our quarterback and other major starters, and put in the 2nd string. We continued to score. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. It ended up that the fourth string was put in and we still won by 55 points! I think the Coach Gailey did the right thing by taking out our star players, but he can't tell the players on the field not to play the game!
  • Had dinner at a great restaurant Saturday. Had some cajun pasta and it was excellent!
  • Sunday, I fixed lunch by using something I had picked up at Publ!x. The meat was a skirt steak (I think), but rolled up (like a jelly roll) with spinach and provolone cheese inside. All I had to do was place it on a pan and put it in the oven. It was very yummy! And, it was husband approved. I fixed some sides and it was super easy!

Today starts a new part of my life - I am going to diet. And, I know it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change. OK, I am beginning a major lifestyle change. I have been under some personal stress (that I just don't quite feel comfortable sharing yet) for several months now and I have put on 25 pounds in 6 months!! How in the world have I managed to gain 4 pounds a month and not have a baby growing inside of me?? I have just really let myself go and I'm getting back in control, with God's help. And, this time, as I lose the weight, once I'm comfortable in my pants, I'm going to buy a size smaller and wait for them to fit me. Once they do, I am donating my "old" pants. I think that's my problem - I have a lot of "wiggle room" in my closet. I can vary in weight 30 pounds and still have things to wear. Those days are now over! I'll keep you posted!

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