Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Sting my Heart is hosting Thankful Thursday again this week!
This week's thankfulness has a few that are kind of lighthearted, but it's what I'm feeling...
  • I'm thankful that I have friends to watch the Georgia Tech game with.
  • I'm thankful that we have a home that we can invite friends to (to watch the aforementioned game with).
  • I'm thankful that my arm is sore from playing with our newest toy - our Wii. :o)
  • I'm thankful that my dad is kid enough to come over and play with us - and that he survived a massive heart attack last year in order to do so!
  • I'm thankful that I have a job that I don't dread going to every day.
  • I'm thankful that I have a husband who will put gas in my car for me.
  • I'm thankful for a husband who doesn't mind helping with the laundry since I work full time.
  • I'm thankful that this weekend is a long weekend.
  • I'm thankful for God being God, who doesn't change, "not even a shadow of turning," consistent, despite my inconsistency, amazing God.
  • I'm thankful that people have read my blog and even commented!
  • I'm thankful that you're reading this right now.

What are you thankful for?


Denise said...

Such a nice thankful list, bless you.

My name is Michelle. said...

That really is a nice list.

Amazing Racer said...

Thanks for visiting our blog! And congrats on the Georgia Tech victory...I'm an Irish fan, so I watched the game.

eph2810 said...

How fun that you are playing with your son the WII. We used to play games like that when our son was younger.
How cool that even your dad joined in.
Awesome that your beloved is giving you a hand with the laundry :) - My hubby helps me with the dishes each night.

Thank you so much for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

Be blessed this Labor Day weekend and always.

AnneK said...

Thats a good list. I would have done it, if I was reading it on Thursday. :D