Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WFMW - Friends in the Hospital - sending cards

Shannon is hosting Works for me Wednesday this week and here's my idea:
If I know a friend of mine is in the hospital, obviously I want to send a card. But, I never know when she'll be released and I don't like to send the card to the home because then that's just one more thing her husband will need to try to remember to take back to the hospital.
My solution?
I mail the card to the hospital, but for the return address, I use the recipient's home address. That way, if she gets it in the hospital, great, and if not, the post office won't send it back to me, she will still get it back at home.
That Works for Me! For other ideas, visit Rocks in my Dryer.


ellen b said...

Now that's a fabulous idea!

liz said...

What a great idea!!! I love to send 'real' mail (in the ages of email and voice mail) and this is a great way to ensure people will receive it.

Thanks for sharing!

TX Poppet said...

What a great tip! I will absolutely use it. Thanks!

Mrs. Brownstone said...

This is a great tip!

I use this idea for packages but had never thought of using it for a card or letter.

Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!