Friday, September 21, 2007

Crab Cakes

I used this recipe to make crab cakes for dinner last night. Of course, I didn't have every ingredient listed, so I substituted Whole Wheat R!tz crackers and used my own seasoning to taste. I also only had 2 cans of crab meat, but I used her recipe's amounts of ff yogurt and 1 egg white. I was afraid it was too "wet" when I put them on to bake, but they were just right!

(Confession #2: I just threw all ingredients in a bowl and mixed it together!)

New recipe success and husband approved!

Using 2 cans of crab meat gave me 5 crab cakes. I had 2, hubby had one (he was also eating leftovers from eating out for dinner), so I have 2 to bring to lunch today with whole grain rice. Perfect! Next time, I'll try making a bigger batch, then I can freeze some, hopefully!

For weight loss inspiration, check out Roni's blog (in my blogroll to the left - Roni's Weight Watchen). She is a real success story and was even featured on m$n!

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Mama Bear June said...

Hi, Lisa Kay!

I figured I would come and answer your question on your blog about the protein powder. The author of The Abs Diet recommends a whey protein powder. I've found some at Walmart and at the grocery store. You could also look at a health store. I use low-fat milk, protein powder, ground flaxseed powder (also found at Walmart), blend that well and then add frozen strawberries to make it thick and yummy.
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