Monday, September 17, 2007


Hubby's grandmother passed away Friday. We will miss her so much! A different grandson preached the funeral and he did a superb job. It seems that most funerals are either just about the person or just about the Bible. But, he did a great job of talking about her and then using the Bible to comfort. Truly, an outstanding job.

It's so interesting to learn about the "old days." When she was a child, on Saturdays, her mom would give her a dime. She would use that dime to take a trolley ride, go to town, watch a movie with candy, and take the trolley home. On a dime! She was also an insurance salesperson for a while. She was the first female in sales in the area. This was in the day when insurance premiums were collected, not mailed in. She had to carry a pistol because her route took her through a rough area and she was carrying so much cash! It's hard to imagine that she had even touched a pistol!

We will really miss Grandma. But, if Heaven has a beach, I know exactly where she and Grandpa are right now.

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