Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meme - 7 Weird Things About Me

Fortunately, I only have to list seven!

1.) I am almost obsessive about being late. I would prefer to be one hour early rather than five minutes late. I am getting better about this, depending on the function, but when it comes to things that begin at certain times (church, work, dr's appointments), I can really get myself worked up!

2.) My shoes must match my purse which must match my outfit. It's not like I have a rainbow to choose from, but I would never. Never. NEVER! wear brown pants, with brown shoes and a black or navy purse. Navy dress=navy shoes=navy purse. My three colors are black, brown, and navy, but in the summer, I can relax somewhat with some cool, funky, summer purses.

3.) I nearly always get the "C" key and the "V" key swapped on the keyboard. Just typing "navy" in #2 above meant that I backspaced about eleventy thousand times to keep it from being "nacy."

4.) When I doodle (like I'm on the phone and placed on hold), I always write mine and my husband's names over and over and over. Sometimes I sign it like it's for a Christmas card and sometimes it's just our names. I've done that since we were dating.

5.) I'm tender hearted. OK, especially tender hearted. Happiness, sorrow, those feelings in others or myself, people I know or those on tv, etc... I can get all choked up just watching it. Someone proposes on tv, my husband starts laughing 'cause he knows I'm already wiping the tears. Someone wins $25k on "Wheel of Fortune" and I get choked up just thinking about how that can improve that person's life or what it could do for ours. OK, I'm a little embarrassed to put that out there for everyone to know.

6.) I can be a grammar snob. I'm not perfect by any means, but I do have my rules that I know by heart and it really bugs me when I hear others break them. For example, "When they gave the gift to JB and I..." No. No! Just break down the sentence, "When they gave the gift to JB. When they gave the gift to ME. Therefore, when they gave the gift to JB and me." Or... "Me and her are going to the store." Becomes "I am going to the store. She is going to the store." Therefore, "She and I are going to the store." Sometimes it sounds weird, but just break is down, people! I'll keep on going. "She's smarter than me." I confess - that sounds totally normal. But, put the verb at the end of the sentence. "am" "She's smarter than I AM." Not "me am." That's what 3 year olds say. And they don't know any better. I also can't stand your for you're and its for it's. It's a contraction! If you can't say you are or it is, don't use an apostrophe. OK, rant over.

7.) I know "Friends" trivia like crazy! I can quote episodes, remember minute details, know recall happened next, etc. Anyone else out there know that Rachel's middle name was Karen? I doubt it! I'm not necessarily proud or ashamed of this fact, but it's just the way it is. "Friends" was one of my favorite tv shows. It lost a lot of its (no apostrophe) spunk once Monica and Chandler moved in together, but a great show, well written. Loved it!

OK, I'm through. Thankfully, the meme only called for 7 weird things, or else I would still be going. And going. And going.

It's here!!

The time has arrived and I am taking it oh so seriously! I've joined WW online and I'm journaling everything I eat. Today was kind of hard - of course I was super busy, but I made the time to make good choices. Which just shows, if it's important, I can make the time.

I keep thinking of rewards (for every 5 pounds). But, the best reward will be fitting into my clothes better and just feeling better in general. I am too outgoing and fun loving to be stuck in a fat body forever!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Getting Started

I am a long time lurker, just now blogger thanks to Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry. (Wow! I just did my first link and it was easy! But, I'm sure I'll be checking out Blogging Basics for other blogging tips!) I am going to participate in The May Day Weight Loss Challenge and plan on rocking my world!!

I've struggled with weight since my mid teens, which just happens to coincide with when I started dating my now-hubby, JB. He's seen me through thick and thin, literally and figuratively.

This challenge is truly an answer to prayer. I'm not being dramatic (who me?), but sincere. I started a diet on January 16 and lost 15 pounds by March 16. Due to circumstances I chose not to control, I totally feel off the wagon and now I'm back up at least 10 of the pounds I had lost. I am really looking at this challenge as a way to begin again and the timing could not be more perfect.

My husband and I are true Georgia Tech fans (he's a grad) and I love going to the games in the fall. The fall is our busiest time of year, with Labor Day, football season, our anniversary, etc... so if I can jump in and get in control of my weight situation (with the Lord's help), my fall will be even better.

I will post my weight, but probably not until I've lost some. I'm going to keep it real, but I do have some pride. :o)

Looking forward to the journey,
Lisa Kay