Monday, September 17, 2007


As I mentioned, our weekend was quite hectic with visitation at the funeral home. The funeral was Sunday, followed by a feast at a great aunt's home. Keep in mind, that this is the South. We comfort with food. A spread was put before us like I haven't seen since last Thanksgiving. Ham, numerous vegetables (several in the form of casseroles), homemade biscuits, and 2 large desserts: coconut cake and death by chocolate cake.

Frankly, the second isn't a cake I would serve after a funeral, but that's just me.

You know, or call it triple chocolate cake or something.

I made the best decision I could at the time - small portions of non casseroled vegetables, but I could still taste the butter and bacon grease permeating the vegetables. So, I went with small portions, no seconds, and no desserts. That's the best I could do!

Fall is definitely coming to Georgia. Saturday, I woke up to an outside of temperature of less than 80 degrees and no humidity. Believe me, this is something I haven't enjoyed in a while! I loaded up the dog and off we went to a park to do some hiking. It was great! Until I got lost. In the woods. By myself. And, I had to get home to go to the funeral home. So, I do what any woman would do in the year 2007. I called my husband! I asked him to go inside to download a map of the park (which I hadn't done) and tell me how to get out of here! Get this - our internet was out at home! Of all times! Anyway, I wasn't actually lost, but I got on a trail that was a loop and I knew I could go back, but I wasn't sure if I was close to the end or not. I asked one person I met on the trail and she said I was about 30 minutes from the parking lot. Yeah, unless you're in stellar shape, there is no way I was only 30 minutes away and that's why I started to get panicked. But, it all worked out. I got a great 3 miles hike in and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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