Friday, September 21, 2007

Food Journal - 9/20

bfast - scrambled egg sandwich on toasted wheat
lunch - grilled chicken, mushroom and swiss sandwich on wheat bun, few spoonfuls of veggie soup (I was actually content already!)
snack - 1 bite of 3 musketeers
snack - handful of black bean chips w/ hummus
dinner - crab cakes and whole grain rice
snack - one small package (from Hall0ween candy aisle) of Juni0r Mints

Plenty of water - walked at local park.

This weekend will be a real test. We're having supper with friends at a local state park that is known for its excellent buffet. (danger!) Then, we're spending the night with them, which means I will be a good house guest and not have any special menu requests for breakfast. (Usually biscuits!) My plan is to do the best I can and take some Sl!mfast breakfast bars for extra nourishment to keep me satisfied. And, lots of water! I should probably try to take an apple or banana, too. I've put some Juni0r Mints and hard candies in purse for a sweet tooth cure. The guys are getting up early Saturday and going fishing and we're going antique shopping.

Truly, my mind is in the game, I feel great and confident, but I can't request someone else to prepare a healthy breakfast because that's what I need right now. My plan is to make the best choices I can and know that when I come home, it's right back to what I've been doing.

I'll let you know Monday!

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