Monday, August 13, 2007


I thought I would share my tilapia "recipe" (I use that term loosely.) I plan on posting a few recipes, but really my recipes aren't recipes - it's more like "this is how I fix ____." A little of this, a little of that, you can use more or less depending on your taste, etc...

Hubby and I like baked tilapia best. But, I still want it to have some sort of crunch to it. I buy the fish fry seasoning and pour a few tablespoons (depending on how many fillets I'm fixing) into a zip bag and shake&bake at 350 degrees.

The fish fry mix gives it a little spice. If I'm out or in the mood for something different, I'll use cornmeal with a few bread crumbs. Top off with a little pepper - deelish!

Or, just use lemon pepper seasoning sprinkled on top.

Tilapia is one of the healthiest fish(es) out there and it doesn't taste very "fishy."

Hope this helps someone!

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Michelle said...

I ♥love♥ Tilapia. It's probably my favorite fish. I get it in those huge frozen bags at Sams. And you're right, it's great in many ways. I have this recipe for Broiled Tilapia Parmesan that is...just really, really good. I'll try to post it sometime in the next few weeks. :)