Friday, August 3, 2007

Saving at Target

Crystal at Biblical Womanhood is hosting Frugal Friday.

I confess: I am not good at keeping up with my receipts!

My post is not necessarily about saving money, but a way to ensure that you can return items, even without a receipt. It certainly saves money to be able to exchange items that don't fit or to be able to return an item if I bought too many.

I love to shop at T*arget. Their stores are always clean and I just love the merchandise in general. I, however, do not love their return policy. No receipt, no return. Period. The customer can exchange an item, but that's it. And, an exchange must be for a "like item." Returning a game, get a different one. That doesn't really help, I don't think.

Anyway, here's the good news. I always pay for my "stuff" at Target with either a credit card (with a rewards program - and I pay it off in full each month) or use a debit card/check. I never use cash. T*arget keeps a record of the purchase on file for 90 days. If I need to make a return, I simply walk up to customer service, hand the clerk the item, let her scan it, swipe my card, and I am automatically credited the amount of my original purchase. Takes less than two minutes!

Being able to get my money back if I need it helps me!


InsertWittyBlogHere said...

I have actually been able to return something without a receipt when I wrote a check for it. They just ran a blank check through the system and it worked just like running your card through the system.

Good tip!

Anonymous said...

i thought i'd pass along some news- i found out target donates to planned parenthood which of course is the largest abortion provider in the U.S I won't be shopping there anymore ;0