Friday, August 17, 2007

Frugal Friday-Saving Change

Crystal is hosting Frugal Friday today and I enjoy participating. And learning!

Coincidentally, my tip is quite similar to Michelle's at Life's Accidental Journey. We both have the same philosophy, but put it into practice a little differently.
My husband and I have a habit of never spending "silver" change. All of our silver change is rolled up and deposited into our savings account. We have a vase in our bedroom and at the end of the day or "ever so often," we deposit all of our change into a vase in our bedroom, except for pennies. When the vase is full, I'll roll it. Since there are no pennies, the money total is pretty high each time. (over $100 typically - and it's money we didn't even miss!) Usually we deposit it directly to savings, but we've also used it for our spending money on vacation.
(This is a personal preference - I just don't like to roll pennies. They take as long to roll as any other denomination, but you only get 50 cents for your time.) If I'm at the store and the total is $1.51, I'll give the clerk a penny, then I'll have 2 quarters to add to the vase. I try to spend my pennies so that I can save my other change.


Michelle said...

Great minds think alike! LOL

AnneK said...

We have a kid's piggy bank to do that. People would think we are crazy to have a kid's piggy bank i our kitchen. But it is cute and also fun to put money in that.

Mrs. U said...

This is a really good idea! Change does add up quickly. Wow, I could save for lots of neat things this way!

Mrs. U