Monday, August 13, 2007


I have a very easy salmon "recipe." (I've said before - I use that term loosely.)

I basically put my salmon on a cookie sheet and pour a marinade on top. My personal favorite is a spicy teriyaki sauce that I can only find at Super T*rget. It's a bit strong (which is a plus to me), but you can use as much or little as you like. I used to pour it on top, then bake it, but I found that most of it just runs right off and bakes to the pan (lots of fun). Now, I just bake it (typically 350 degrees) and pour the marinade on top as I take it out - or leave it plain and set the bottle on the table.

Other than grilling, the only other way I've ever prepared salmon is to poach it (I saw Rachae! R*ay do it and I just had to try it.) Start with a shallow baking dish. Place your salmon in there, then pour chicken stock in your dish, nearly submerging the salmon. Add some rosemary to the salmon and in the stock and it will have nice flavor.

We both enjoyed the poached salmon, but still prefer the marinade - which is fine by me because it is so easy!

One other thing. Salmon can be baked from frozen! This was such a help to me. If I *forgot* to set out a meat the day before, I wasn't "dinner-less." Just fix salmon (cooking about an hour) and add any side. Actually, that is the way I prefer to prepare it now because I can just throw it in the oven, do something else for 45 minutes, come back and spend 15 minutes preparing side dishes and dinner is done!

I'm not sure what is the "proper" way to handle the skin of the salmon, but this is what works for me. I cook it with the skin on, but I use my spatula to serve it. When I do, I just slide it in at the bottom (between the meat and the skin) and just leave the skin on the pan.

Hope this helps you.

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