Monday, August 27, 2007

Great Weekend

I had a fabulous weekend and I just want to blog all about it! :o)

One of my best friends came over and we sewed! I think I finally have figured out how to make a lined purse or tote bag, with pocket on the inside and out. I feel like a rocket scientist!! (ha) You know how it is when you have one of those "aha!" moments, I had one this weekend where I finally figured out how to put it all together it come out correctly. Thanks, K, for patiently answering my questions!

Church was good yesterday. Then in the afternoon, we "babysat" 4 kids ages 7-13 for a friend of mine to give her the afternoon off. We played hide and go seek for over an hour and had so much fun! And, yes, when I say "we" played, hubby and I were right there with them. Then, we were back at church Sunday night and took them home afterwards.

On the way home, we stopped at T@rget and I found something I've been looking for months. Not a need, just a very strong want. Yes, folks, my name is Lisa Kay, I'm an adult and I want a Wii. I'm not ashamed. Not only did I finally find one, but the Lord worked it out that is was on sale! Thank you, Lord!

Hubby is setting it up tonight, so I anticipate lots of fun. I think we're going to invite our Sunday School class over next Sunday night for us to play together. Good times!

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AnneK said...

Aargh, I commented and accidentally closed the window b4 publishing it. Newayz, i am impressed with your purse post a picture though