Friday, August 10, 2007

Which One?

I found this over and Blessed Mom of Four Boys and thought I'd play along. Although, I must confess, I'm never good at trying to choose between A or B. I usually prefer C!

Which one?
Lace or ribbon? ribbon
Mountain or beach? mountain
Reading or writing? reading
Cookie or cake? cookie
Baked or mashed potato? baked
Side or back? back
Shrimp or steak? shrimp
Scrambled or fried? scrambled
Orange or apple? apple
Spring or fall? FALL!
Roller skating or bowling? roller skating
Dvd or theatre movies? DVD
Wood or glass? Wood
Blue or green? green
Chocolate or vanilla? vanilla
Quilt or knit? crochet
Early morning or late evening? content with either
Coffee or tea? hot chocolate!
Watermelon or strawberry? watermelon
Lunch or dinner? dinner
Cold cereal or oatmeal? oatmeal
Song or dance? song
Carpet or hardwood floor? have carpet, prefer hardwood
Red or pink? pink
Cat or dog? dog
Pretzels or chips? chips
Iced tea or lemonade? I'm a Georgia girl - sweet tea!
Non-fiction or fiction? fiction
Rose or daisy? daisy
Sunrise or sunset? sunset
Comb or brush? brush
Pottery or basket? basket
Bracelet or necklace? necklace
Pen or pencil? pen
Couch or chair? couch
Country or victorian? neither
Farm or ranch? farm
Braid or ponytail? ponytail
Cash or check? credit card
Chocolate bar or jelly bean? chocolate bar
Coke or pepsi? Coke
Hot dog or cheeseburger? cheeseburger
Blinds or curtains? curtains
Dress or pants? capris
Sun or moon? sun
Adventure or comedy? comedy
Cloud or star? cloud
Lake or river? lake
Half full or half empty? half full - always!
Truck or car? car
Bath or shower? shower
Clothesline or clothes dryer? dryer
New or second hand? new, usually
Gum or lifesaver? lifesaver
Email or handwritten? email
July or October? October- the month I got married!
Barefoot or shoes? barefoot indoors, shoes outside

If you play along, please leave a comment!

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