Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weigh In 1/23

Ugh. I am like a seesaw - back and forth. Back and forth.

I am up to 201, which is driving me crazy.

But, not crazy enough to stop me from eating 6 (S-I-X-!!!) cookies last night. I had a great day, then had to stop by the grocery store and sabotaged myself.

I think there were only 10 cookies in the pack. I ate 6 of them. The last one didn't even taste good because it was so sweet, and I just threw away the entire package so I wouldn't be tempted anymore.

Jan wrote a post that really helped me out. You can read it here. It's easy to get caught up in the day before, week before, or even month before and forget where you came from.

I am still the same chick that
  • has lost 31 pounds
  • watched every bite I ate and made good, healthy decisions
  • made time to exercise 2-3 times a week

I have the same tools to reach my goal. It's up to me to continue to use them.

I am not failing, I just had a setback. That's the difference between this time and every other time I've "dieted."

I'm starting back today.


Julie said...

Yesterday is just yesterday and you can't do anything about it, but today you can start fresh and new. Food will trip us up in a moment but we know how to get back on track.

Jan B said...

I agree with Julie, but I have to add that I tend to do that meal to meal. If I screw up, I look at it (as I did this morning) and say, well, I am done with that and I am back at it. Thanks for linking into that post, I was really down this morning about my eating, but it got better. I just refuse to live in that kind of attitude.

Hang in there, we're all in it together.

Anonymous said...

we all make mistakes and what really matters is whether you get back up again! just tell yourself that this was a moment of weakness and now i can start anew and pick up where i left off! you are doing great and remember we are all in this together!

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Don't beat yourself up over the 6 cookies. The previous you probably would have eaten all 10, right?

Mama Bear June said...

Sending hugs. I've been up and down in the 90's, so I know the feeling. The best way to reach our goals is to keep going. Little set backs are temporary. Get back on that horse! :-)
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

Congratulate yourself, look how far you've come! These little road bumps are nothing, you can do it!