Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weigh In 1/30

Technically, I lost 2.5 from my last weigh in since I am now at 198.5.

Technically, I am still the same since I weighed in the next day at 198.5

Technically, I am up 2.5 pounds from my lowest weigh in.

But, I am actually not frustrated this time. I think I have lost weight. It is not my favorite time of the month right now, which of course means water retention. I have also exercised several times. I think I am on the right path, but the scale just isn't showing it at this time.

Darn it.

But, I have had some victories.

Hubby and I went away for a ski weekend this past weekend and I stayed on track throughout the entire trip! I took healthy snacks and made good choices when we ate out. Woo-hoo!


CPT Mom said...

Great job staying on track while on vacation!

Anonymous said...

Staying on track while on vacation AND in the cold is hard work. Great job!

Mama Bear June said...

Good job on making healthy choices while away! Your weight will catch up with all of the great choices you've been making. Mine finally started to.
Path to Health

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

All that hard work will pay off you'll see!