Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Not Spending 101

Don't go shopping!! Hello? How hard would that be? If I don't go "shopping," I won't end up buying stuff. Here's how Saturday went...

(My goal, in all things, is to be honest. I'm going to journal my experience with not spending - with my commentary - and you can feel free to think that I am doing OK or making excuses.)

So, I decided to stop at a local department store to look for my dad's bday present. I found a great deal on a new dress coat for him, which he certainly needs. Then, like a dummy, I wandered over to the women's section just to "look" for a "minute" because things were on "clearance."

So, this clearance sale? It was heavenly! I found nice white tshirts (both round neck and v neck) for...


Yes, people. $1.20 for a nice, thick tshirt. Plus, this store lets you keep their wonderful hangers. So, I purchased two tshirts for $1.20 each and got hangers that I love.

Then, I found a cute hooded sweater, with matching tank for $7.60. So, I got it, too.

I want to say, for the record, that I have a $10 gift certificate to this store (did you notice that $1.20+$1.20+$7.60 = $10 exactly? Coincidence? I think not.), so I did not spend any money except for the sales tax.

However, in this experiment, I noticed that it would not have been smart, in my opinion, (and this is my blog, after all) to have not purchased those white tshirts because that was a need and a great deal that would not be around later.

So, like a politician, I have changed my position on the issue.

Instead of spending no money until March 1, I am going to spend less than $25 per month.

(Just so you know, I just revised that sentence about 100 times. I started with $100 per month. Finally, leaving it at $25. I reserve the right to go back to $50. )

Here is my rationale:
  • If I don't give myself some leeway, then that means if I spend $1, I definitely am not keeping my word. In my mind, why bother then? So, I am affecting my lifestyle greatly , but not making it impossible for me to succeed.

OK, that's where I'm at now. But, I haven't discussed Monday night yet...

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