Friday, January 11, 2008

This isn't easy!

In case it isn't difficult enough trying to lose weight, my "spending less" habit is also challenging. It's amazing what thoughts I come up with.
  • "It doesn't matter if I do this or not."
  • "I'll just not blog about what I buy."
  • "What does it matter if I just buy _____? It's not a big deal."
Lies! Lies! Lies!

It does matter! And, I need to be honest about it, too.

Actually, I'm already seeing the rewards of it. Since my credit card purchasing has gone down, I will definitely be able to put more of my paycheck into our savings account this month.

What are my reasons for doing this? Two reasons. One is I really need to establish some kind of budget and learn to live in it. Second, our home doesn't need "stuff." Stuff requires time. Time to put it away, clean it, organize it, store it, etc...

I'm giving myself the gift of more money and more time to do other things.

Then why is this so hard??

Why are there amazing shoe sales going on right now?? I'm being tempted, but so far, I am staying strong.

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Mom on a Diet said...

Lisa Kay:
I know exactly what you mean.I am determined not to shop at Walmart due to an extremely rude case of "Customer Service' I encountered in my local store right before Christmas in their vision department. So far, I have been to Walmart three times since making this decision. ARGH!

I am also trying to 'cut back'. We have too much stuff and after standing back and taking a good look at my life, I decided that I had too much 'stuff'. Too much stuff that was clogging up my life. I am trying to do better, not spend on frivilous 'stuff' - but it is so very hard!

I am a little relieved to see someone else isn't finding it so easy! I read last January about this group of people that gave up shopping for an entire year... I couldn't imagine that but was inspired and in awe of their determination.

I'll keep seeing how you're doing!