Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Flesh is Weak

and, therefore, I'm making up the rules as I go...

So, this is how it's going with me not spending more than $25 per month in January and February of this year.

I'm really being tested, people!

I met a girlfriend for dinner Monday night (her treat since this was for my birthday) and afterwards, she wanted to go shopping. We ran into a department store that I had already visited due it's amazing clearance sale. (I told about that experience here.) I found a cute denim skirt for summer marked down to $6. That happens to be in my budget, thankyouverymuch.

Then we went to one of my personal favorites: T@rget. I love that place! I wasn't going to buy anything. Then, we just happened to be in the shoe department. My recently purchased (in late 2007) shoes were now marked down by $10 since they were on clearance. I bought the clearance ones and will return my previously purchased ones, saving me money.


That gives me $10 "free" dollars to spend there since I won't really be spending anything extra, once I return my shoes purchased at full price. (Are you following my train of thought?) I found a centerpiece I "need" for my patio table on clearance for $10, so I am breaking even, right?

(If you're not following me, this makes perfect sense to me.)

Then, I found an awesome shirt. I, for some reason, just LOVE this shirt. It's the perfect shade of yellow for me to wear in the fall to Georgia Tech games. (Not to mention, it will look great with my $6 skirt, too!)

So, what do I do now? That price would eat up a lot of my monthly budget and it was only the 7th of the month.

I improvised. At home, I have two sweaters from Target and I remembered that I meant to return them, but didn't. That should be around $34 credit, more than enough to allow me to purchase the shirt and a necklace I found that looks great with it.

So, as it stands now, I have spent $7 this month.

And, I have no more returns to squeeze in, so I officially have $18 to spend the rest of the month.

All that math gave me a headache. I think I'll have to spend more time at home!

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My name is Michelle. said...

Happy Birthday! Mine is on the 6th of Jan! When was yours exactly?