Friday, January 11, 2008

Blogging Question

I'm thinking of changing my template to something a bit more original.

Tell me, blogging experts, if you've done this, did you lose your links? I clicked on the code from a free template company, pasted it here, and when I previewed it, my links were gone. Including my blogroll, links in recent posts, pretty much everything in my sidebar except "About Me."

I really like the idea of a new look, but I have no desire to basically go through my entire blog and re-link everything.

Will my links really carry over, but they're not showing in "preview" mode? Or, is this what's supposed to happen when you get a new (free) template?


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If you mess with the template design you should be able to keep all of your links, but it might depend on how much design you want to change and if you're running the most current version of Blogger. I say give it a shot, make sure you hit PREVIEW before you save any changes and you should be fine.

I loved your story about high-fiving before the kiss at your wedding. I think I'm going to do rock-paper-scissors when I get married to see who gets to say the vows first. ;)