Friday, February 1, 2008

Lost Premiere - 2008

What a great hour of television.

Random thoughts...
  • I'm still so darn curious about who was in the coffin in last season's finale. Just had to mention that. My guesses - Sawyer, Ben, John Locke, or Juliet
  • I really liked the division of those that want to stay and those that want to leave. John and Rose had major medical problems that are now cured - can't say I blame them a bit! Why does Kate want off the island so badly? I thought the only thing waiting for her was a trial for murder. Also, we know that Hurley starts last night with Locke, but he ends up with Jack.
  • We're thinking six people made it off the island. Hurley said he was one of the "Oceanic Six." 3 of those people are Hurley, Kate and Jack. I still need to know the other 3 - I'm assuming one of them was in the coffin.
  • What is the secret that Jack is worried that Hurley will tell?
  • Why are people asking if "they" are alive? Are some survivors still alive on the island and there is a coverup about that - since they wanted to stay on the island with the special powers? Or is it about the "Others" who may still be on the island?
  • Timeline - Hurley's flash forward took place before the finale flash forward. One, Jack had no beard. Two, Jack was not yet a full-fledged alcoholic. Notice him drinking vodka in his orange juice while watching the morning news? He's on his way down.
  • When that eye popped up on the screen, I screamed out loud! Was it Locke's? See for yourself...


This is just a screencap of a scene showing "Jacob" last night, but can you tell who it is?

That is none other than Jacks's dad, Christian Shepherd!!!!

I can't wait to see next week's episode...


Kacie said...

Doesn't Locke have blue eyes?

Lisa Kay said...

I would be his eyes aren't brown, but that's all that I can say off the top of my head.

The pic is so dark, it's hard to me to tell the eye color of this guy even after looking for quite a while.