Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tigers vs. Mosquitoes

This is a phrase I heard a long time ago, but I think it's very true:

It's not the tigers in the jungle that gets you. It's the mosquitoes.

Meaning, it's not the big things that occasionally come up that get you, it's small daily occurrences that can bring you down.

Sometimes, I just get in a funk about our home. It's completely my fault, I admit it. Right now, I really want to do some major organizing. Major. Organizing.

But where to start?

I should straighten up our laundry room. Some of the things I want to move should go in a cabinet in our kitchen. But, that cabinet needs to get straightened first. I want to move our computer to the desk in our bedroom and move the desk the computer is currently on to my craft room. Two fold problem: I need to straighten both the desk in our bedroom and my craftroom to make room for the desk. I want to get one of those wall-mounted-bracket things for the tv in my craft room and move the tv stand to another room. I don't even know where to buy the wall-bracket thing (technical term).

I feel like I have some good ideas for things to do to improve our home, but to do one thing, I have several steps in that one project.

And those things just don't get done when I'm laying on the couch.

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