Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Weigh In - 10/3

I'm down 1.5 pounds this week - and I'm thrilled!! My total weight loss is 11.5 pounds since beginning mid September. (Weight falls off quickly at first, then stabilizes.)

I have learned several things this week:
  1. Posting my food journal daily is important to my success. I didn't do that this week and I felt kind of "out of sorts." I try to be "super" good 98% of the time so that 2% of the time I can treat myself and it not affect my weight loss. Without a food journal to look over, I can't remember how good or how many treats I've had.
  2. The experts are right! Exercise really does curb my appetite. I was starving on my way home last night, but I knew that if I wanted to exercise outside, I would have to do it first thing because it is now getting dark earlier (darn it!). I went out and hiked about 1.5 miles and on the way home, I wasn't even remotely hungry.
  3. I am able to go through the motions, even when I don't feel like it. This is a big one for me. We had a hectic weekend and I wasn't sure how I did (see #1 above). I weighed Mon. and had lost .5 pounds. Out of curiosity, I weighed Tues. morning also. I was up .5 pounds. I know I didn't gain a pound in a day, but it kinda bummed me out. (I try to only weigh once a week, but I this time I made an exception.) I was thinking of all the bad things I was going to eat since this "just isn't working." But, I didn't. I didn't feel like sticking with it, but I did. Just like I don't always feel like going to work, but I do it anyway. I stuck with it, the scale balanced out, and I ended up with a 1.5 pound loss for the week.
  4. Don't let one reading on the scale affect my whole outlook. See #3.
  5. Exercise is key, but I have to make it something I enjoy doing. However, if the weather is bad, I need to suck it up and just do an activity (workout dvd, for example) just because I have to do it to reach my goal.
  6. Finding a non-food hobby is helpful. I am learning to sew. I have a few hobbies that I enjoy doing that make it literally impossible to eat while I'm doing them - rubber stamping, crocheting, sewing. I definitely can not eat while I'm doing any of these things. This really helps late night cravings. I am distracted, plus I am doing something productive.
  7. I am really encouraged when I read other people's blogs about their weight loss. If I'm feeling unmotivated, I can go to read them or just learn that I'm not alone when I feel like I'm struggling.

That's my take on the week. Thanks for reading - I hope you have a great week!


Lisa said...

Way to go. I can totally identify with #3!! Have a great week.

Paige said...

Great tips. Especially the one about the non food hobby.

Great job!

Jan B said...

Congratulations!! I love your list! I agree whole heartedly with it. Do you also take your measurements so that you can keep track that way as well? I have found that helpful.

Anonymous said...

Good job! I love your list of things you learned during the week. If we don't recognize a lesson, sometimes we don't learn anything from it at all! Come visit my blog sometime...

Mama Bear June said...

Wow, you are doing great! My weight fluctuated up to 5 pounds this week, but I just kept doing what I knew I needed to do and the end result was good. The nonfood hobby is good, too. When I'm quilting or scrapbooking, I sometimes forget to eat! :-)
Path to Health

Thea said...

You've got such a great attitude. Good for you! I really struggle with exercise, but you are absolutely right: It's just something I have to do if I want to be healthy.

Congrats on the loss and good luck this week!

Mamacita Tina said...

Congrats on the loss, well done!

I'm scared of the scale. I stay away from it at all costs until Wednesday morning.

Sticking with it, a big struggle for all of us. Gotta keep focused.

I like your post, you've given me some inspiration.

Kellie said...

You're doing so great! I agree with you on the non-food hobby! It's hard to eat when you're trying to concentrate on something else. I am also learning to sew and learning to crochet is on my list too!

Donetta said...

Great tips and a wonderful disposition you have here. It is very supportive out here. I just joined last week.