Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Works for Wednesday, the Question Edition

OK, people. I just want to know how CVS cards work. I hear about the great savings and I am oh so interested, but I just don't get it.

I just don't get how the reward program works, especially in regards to the money they give back with certain purchases.When you purchase certain things, you get "bucks" or something. Do they actually mail you a check? Do you get a credit in that amount, which you can use the next time you shop and they scan your card? Are you required to keep up with receipts from prior purchases?

Any help regarding the CVS rewards program would be much appreciated!
Thanks so much!

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Anonymous said...


I posted on Saturday about CVS. Here is the address to read it. Copy and paste into your browser. I'm not up to speed enough to creat a link for you :)

The biggest thing is to start small, keep very good track of your receipts, Extra Care Bucks that print out at the end of your receipts and watch the expiry dates on them. Also, consider buying things you would not normally buy to generate ECB's (extra care bucks)worth more than what you paid for the item.

It is a fantastic program, but takes effort. Look at it as a way for you to "earn" money for your family. Because that is really what you are doing, if you are not spending what you normally would on products.

Good Luck to you!


Jes said...

Looks like Trixie handled everything! I recommend using coupons a lot! I've managed to make money by combining coupons with their deals.
there is a forum for CVS that has a CVS 101 that might help you. here's the link to that,f533

Mandy said...

Crystal over at is doing a great beginners tutorial for CVS. She even broke down the deals this week with coupons so you can get your feet wet. Hope that helps!

AnneK said...

This totally boggles my mind too. I went over to Crystal's blog and read up about it and I don't know if I made much headway. Maybe I am stupid :(

Linda said...

you can also try and go to the CVS link. They even have a message board with faq etc.
I have learned alot.

Melissa Markham said...

Personally, I am not happy with the CVS thing. I thought I would be coming up with great savings, but I believe I must be doing it wrong or something. The products at CVS are mostly more expensive than Walmart or Food Lion. Sometimes they are even more expensive when they are on sale. I got a neat coupon from CVS for triple points for a month. I did my best to buy during that month and I spent over $100.00 which showed up as over $300.00. I went yesterday expecting great things...I got 6.50. It isn't worth the extra stop to me and I am not convinced I saved that much money even with their specials.

And I do not advocate ever buying things you woudn't normally use so that you can get the extra bucks. If you are on a tight budget, that is just throwing money away to 'make money'. Yesterday I didn't buy ice cream at Food Lion. We love ice cream, but we don't need it. It would have been a savings of 10.00 with the sale price. But by not buying it, I save 11.00 that I would have spent. So be careful!