Sunday, October 28, 2007

Have a nice TRIP! See you next FALL!

OK. I'm not always known for being graceful. I'm not entirely a klutz, but... recovering from a stumble has not always been my strongest asset.

Hubs and I decide to go for a hike today. I'm so pumped because I am one pound away from officially losing 20 pounds. And, I would like to hit the goal this week. So, off to the state park we go to do some hiking. (for the 3rd time this week)

Water bottle? Check
Leash for dog? Check
Parking pass? Check
Appropriate shoes? Check
Comfortable, yet cute, clothing that coordinates with my shoes? Check
Stretching before hike? Check

Ok, we're walking, we're walking... just going down the beginning our hiking trail. Hubs stops and lets Lou (the dog) use the bathroom. You know, we've walked like 50 paces, at a slight down hill. Since hubby is stopped with the dog, I take this opportunity to step it up a bit and jog a few feet.

Or so I planned.

I looked over my shoulder to see if Hubby was catching up with me and before I get turned around, I trip on a root or rock. Since I am running. Downhill. And, not looking where I'm going, I am not exactly able to recover in the manner in which I am accustomed. I guess this is the best way to put it:

I bit the dust.

Not just a trip and fall. Oh no, that would be too easy.

I literally fall head over heels down the hill.

Take a moment to take that in.

Glorious fall Sunday in the park, lots of people out with their dogs, and I am falling down the trail before I am 50 feet out of the parking lot.

The best we can figure, I hit knee first and continued to go down, flipping, then hitting my shoulder as my feet go over my head. I end in a sitting position - and I am hurting. Seriously hurting. Since Lou is, shall we say, directly in the middle of conducting her business, Hubby is not able to immediately come to my aid. So, I sit in the middle of the hiking trail and I am crying due to the pain. There is a group of 3 (?) men at the bottom of the hill and one of them begins to approach me, offering aid. I lie to him and sniffle that I'm fine. Oh, but the pain? It is so real.

Have I mentioned I'm crying - somewhat loudly - in a public place, having fallen, and have leaves and dirt all over my back? And in my hair? I am the picture of grace under pressure.

So, the hike that was to be, never even got started before it ended.

Hubs helped me dust off myself (he is so darn precious to me - I do not deserve him!) and we made it to a bench where I sat and tried to get my act together. Needless to say, it took a few minutes.

I lifted up my pant leg and there is a lot of blood on my knee. Hubby had a napkin in his pants pocket (I don't know why) and I use it to clean it up. I have scratches all down my arm and shoulder. I try to say I want to keep going, but the skin is so raw around my knee, I can't stand to have my pants touch it.

So, we turn around and walk 50 feet back to the car.

I come home and focus on getting the stains out of my clothing (I couldn't make this up) because I am wearing new yoga pants. I even splurged on the matching jacket because they are pink and black and my new shoes are pink and gray. (It's really all looking good while you're working out, am I right??) After pre-treating my stains, I have no choice but to take another shower after I hydrogen per0xide basically the entire right side of my body. Good times.

I am surviving. Hubby and I can now laugh about it. I'm working on moving my knee a lot so it doesn't get stiff because I still need to lose a pound this week.

Oh, and this new purse I want? I think I've earned it.

How was your weekend?

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Liz said...

Hi! this is my first visit to you by way of Karen's comments and ohmygoodness was this an introduction. You earned the purse. And a new set of cute yet comfy clothes :)