Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Weigh In 12/26

Why in the world am I posting the day after Christmas?? Why didn't I just write my post yesterday?? When I weighed Christmas morning, I had exactly maintained! Today, I am up a pound.

But, this time, it's OK.

Yesterday, I truly indulged. Big. Time.

I ate about a dozen cookies.

And, you know what?

They were my very favorite cookie and they were delicious! I enjoyed every bite.

Today, I am off work and I am one of the crazy people that actually wants to go to the mall today. But first, a healthy breakfast, plus doing a WATP dvd to get my exercise in. That one pound can be gone next week, and hopefully one more with it. If I don't freak out, all is not lost. I just pick up where I am now and go from here.

In years past, I would gain pounds and keep going. It's all about keeping your head in the game. I thought about not weighing today. I thought about not posting today. That's exactly what the old me would have done. I would have just put my head in the sand (if I don't get on the scale, it means I couldn't have gained weight, right??) and never looked at what I'd done. Just the fact that I am posting today lets me know I am not going back to my old ways.

My main challenge for this week is that Saturday is my husband's bday and New Year's is mine. Two birthdays in the week after Christmas. Yes, it's hard!! But, this is what I've already devised my plan for the upcoming week. I'll enjoy a salad or grilled chicken when we go out for Hubby's dinner and for mine, I want to go to a local Mexican restaurant that serves a delicious veggie burrito. Hubby is getting a bday cake with nuts in the icing (I hate nuts!!), plus I've requested a cookie from the local C00kie Company for my bday "cake." Note that: not a c00kie cake, just a cookie. With icing. I'll split it with hubby, then it's gone! Perfect!

I'll let you know how it goes!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great, safe New Year's!


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Happy Birthday! And I wouldn't worry too much about that 1 pound! I think anyone who can stay between maintain and 2 pounds over deserves a congrats as well. I thought I was gonna gain about 5 pounds!

Thea said...

I'm up a pound this week, too, and it was all gained yesterday, I am quite certain!! LOL!

CPT Mom said...

You are so right! Keeping accountable helps to keep us motivated.
Good plans for the week.

Mama Bear June said...

You are doing awesome! Have a wonderful week with the birthdays! Catch you next week. :-D
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

YOu are doing such a great job and your determination is such a strong motivator!

Keep up the great work!