Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weigh In 11/20


Last week was hormonal and PMS really gave me grief. This week made up for it!

I am down 5.5 pounds! I know that's a lot, but last week, I was up a pound. This kind of makes it balance out, I guess.

I have 5 pounds to lose by 12/31. I'm working on it - big time!

My Thanksgiving strategy:
Going for a long walk Thursday morning before people come over, and making sure to eat breakfast.
Cooking the casseroles I like best so I can use lf soups and cheeses.
Drinking plenty of water.
Fixing a lf dessert so that I can have something, too.
Having disposable plates on hand so that I can send guests home with leftovers.
Waking up Friday really early and shopping all day burns calories, right??
Walking Saturday morning.
Walking Sunday afternoon.
Accepting that this week may just be a week for a small loss. The victory sometimes is just in not giving up!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Jan B said...

Wow! You have a great plan for the holiday, I like the idea of sending the leftovers home with the guests, I guess I will steal that idea if you don't mind. I hope that you have a great week coming up! Congratulations on your great loss this week!

Becky said...

I like your strategies - maybe I can use some of those! You had a great loss - congratulations. God bless!! <><

Denton said...

Good job this week. You should be proud. You said your husband noticed your weight loss. You must be looking good because people who see you every day are usually the last ones to notice a weight loss.

Amber said...

IT will help you so much to have a plan. Great idea!!!! :) Way to go on that loss!!!!! That is amazing! :)

Thea said...

You definitely have the right attitude to get you through the holidays! Good luck this week!!