Thursday, May 3, 2007

Getting Started

I am a long time lurker, just now blogger thanks to Beth at I Should Be Folding Laundry. (Wow! I just did my first link and it was easy! But, I'm sure I'll be checking out Blogging Basics for other blogging tips!) I am going to participate in The May Day Weight Loss Challenge and plan on rocking my world!!

I've struggled with weight since my mid teens, which just happens to coincide with when I started dating my now-hubby, JB. He's seen me through thick and thin, literally and figuratively.

This challenge is truly an answer to prayer. I'm not being dramatic (who me?), but sincere. I started a diet on January 16 and lost 15 pounds by March 16. Due to circumstances I chose not to control, I totally feel off the wagon and now I'm back up at least 10 of the pounds I had lost. I am really looking at this challenge as a way to begin again and the timing could not be more perfect.

My husband and I are true Georgia Tech fans (he's a grad) and I love going to the games in the fall. The fall is our busiest time of year, with Labor Day, football season, our anniversary, etc... so if I can jump in and get in control of my weight situation (with the Lord's help), my fall will be even better.

I will post my weight, but probably not until I've lost some. I'm going to keep it real, but I do have some pride. :o)

Looking forward to the journey,
Lisa Kay


Beth said...

Welcome to the blogging world AND to the May Day Weight Loss Challenge, I'm very excited to have you aboard!

Angie said...

OKay---so now that I've read all the way to here...I realize that you probably are VERY aquainted with Ellijay!
Keep bloggin' ---It's a joy to read!
God bless!